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Powerful, extensible, constantly learningiTrend understands text, images, video


We adapt to your requirements and quickly develop new features.

Database of Concepts

Makes your video search more powerful by showing related items in addition to exact match.


Our ensemble classifiers are more accurate than any cloud vision product on the market today.

Granular API

Separate API services for content discovery, indexing, and search support different levels of access.

Cascading Classifiers

Multi-stage AI can be trained to recognize a specific person, product, or part.

High performance

Our Machine Learning processes run on IBM cloud, powered by NVIDIA Tesla P100 GPUs.

iTrend Vision (beta) Unlimited insights from your video content

Scenario A: You are a content owner, and you want to give your viewers new ways to discover content, beyond the old keyword search.

Scenario B: You are a popular brand, and people share millions of videos on YouTube mentioning you. You need to know what's in those videos.

Scenario C: You are a media platform/CDN, and you want your delivery network (and ad tech) to become content-aware.

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Access to the Closed Beta by invitation only.

How it worksNo need to upload your content anywhere, or change your media workflow in any way

Step 1

Tell iTrend where your content resides, by providing a list of publicly accessible URLs or URL patterns. If your viewers can play the video, iTrend can analyze it.

Step 2

iTrend automatically identifies objects and concepts seen in the video and heard in the audio, and builds a searchable index.

Step 3

You receive API access to your new search index - and a search widget you can simply plug into your site!

iTrend Discovery 2.0Lets you track how content is shared and received

Extract actionable insights from public data (news, blogs, social media, live video streams). Applications: market research, competitive intelligence, alternative data (for finance), customer journey, product research.

See how your brand-related content is shared, promoted, and curated online. Understand what drives consumer behaviors.

Email Sales

iTrend helped Starwood’s digital analytics team understand the Voice of Customer and guests’ online behavior. Their use of IBM Watson technology takes text analytics to the next level, pulling valuable insights from social media conversations.

Alex Stein, Director of Marketing & Social Media Analytics, Marriott International

I trust iTrend to consistently deliver intelligent insights into relevant and insightful areas of the social media world. I not only use iTrend for my own social analytics, but our company, Thulium, uses iTrend to deliver reports and insights to our clients who are consistently amazed at the depth of analytics iTrend delivers. I simply cannot do what I do best with social media analytics without iTrend to support my efforts.

Tamara McCleary, CEO & Brand Ambassador, Thulium

My experience with iTrend have been really great and intuitive to use. Even greater have been the experience with the iTrend team working very agile, collaborative and pro-active presenting new ideas and opportunities.

Stig Drejer, Information Manager